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Unleashing Leadership: Two-Hour Executive Workshop

Three questions to help diagnose sluggish and lethargic team performance:

  • Do teams in your organization underachieve despite their level of talent or experience?
  • Do otherwise productive and effective people suddenly fall flat when put on a team?
  • Do your leadership teams need to be led, fed, and motivated just to get anything done?

To unleash the leadership potential currently bottled in your organization you need to know that:

  • Talent and experience are reflected in leadership styles. Use them to your advantage.
  • Team enthusiasm increases proportionately when members resonate with the mission.
  • Leadership potential is unleashed when leadership styles are aligned with the tasks, projects, and initiatives the teams are formed to execute.

Top performing companies make leadership an expectation for everyone—not an exception for a few. How would your organization perform if everyone accepted leadership responsibility for their jobs and their roles in your organization?

Even if you’re performing in a satisfactory way, is there pressure to do better? Superior team performance begins with aligning what your people do best with what your organization needs most.

Unless you’ve completely converted to robotics, human beings execute your organizational tasks, projects, and initiatives, either individually or on teams. John Hoover, PhD and Angelo Valenti, PhD have developed a simple and effective technique to increase productivity and organizational performance without increasing expense and effort. Teams will become more effective the moment project managers and initiative owners learn to:

  • Spot the variances between the team’s designated objective and the team’s natural tendencies. If you don’t know the variances you’re flying blind.
  • Manage the variances between what teams are naturally inclined to do and what they’re asked to do. Use your roadmap to get back on course and stay there.
  • Align the right team members with the required tasks, projects, and/or initiatives in the first place. The bus might be headed in the right direction, but are the right people on it?

In just two hours your executive team will learn to unleash under-used and misaligned leadership potential already on your payroll with three easy steps:

  1. Define your organization’s tasks, projects, and initiatives in human behavioral terms
  2. Determine the composite leadership styles of your teams or departments
  3. Match those composite leadership styles with the leadership requirements of the tasks, projects, or initiatives your organization needs

After the workshop your executive team will be able to:

  • Align what their people are naturally pre-disposed to do with what their departments, divisions, or organizations need to accomplish
  • Make the transition from departments, divisions, or organizations filled with people busy doing things to people busy getting things done
  • Maintain team, department, division and/or organization-wide critical focus on the defined tasks, projects, or initiatives that make your organization survive


  • Your best results come from self-starting people with self-sustaining energy
  • People will do what they’re predisposed to do without instruction or manipulation
  • Aligning the composite leadership styles of teams with the leadership requirements of what tasks, projects, or initiatives will best sustain energy and focus

Unleashing Leadership: Aligning What Your People Do Best With What Your Organization Needs Most by John Hoover, PhD & Angelo Valenti, PhD available at or wherever books are sold.

A two-hour executive workshop at your office with Dr. John Hoover, Dr. Angelo Valenti or one of our other professional trainers. Other consulting or speaking arrangements are also available upon request.

For more information contact:
John Bracewell, President
ComposiTEAM Leadership

If you would like to download a PDF brochure about our workshops, go to the following link: Workshop Brochure