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Learn more about how the ComposiTeam™ Leadership System can unleash pent up leadership energy in your organization in John Hoover and Angelo Valenti's new book, 'Unleashing Leadership: Aligning What People Do Best With What Organizations Needs Most', from Career Press.

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"UNLEASHING LEADERSHIP is a must read for those who want to put the right people on the right team for the right project for optimal results. This book is truly a second generation study for combining personality research with relevant motivators in order to produce the most effective leadership. Enhancing productivity in the face of organizational resistance and inertia is the great challenge faced in business today. It is crucial to be on the cutting edge. Results are what matters, and UNLEASHING LEADERSHIP will enhance getting those results. This book is well-written, and is a pleasure to read. Don't miss it!"

Benjamin T. Jordan, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Management of Technology
Vanderbilt University, School of Engineering