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ComposiTeam™ is the only assessment tool of its kind to align objectives, projects, or initiatives with high-performance leadership teams. The system runs on-line on our secure server so you have access 24/7.

We help you to make leadership an expectation of everyone not an exception for a few. When every team member takes ownership of his or her responsibilities, with a leadership attitude, personal and organizational performance soars.

Every person’s individual leadership style and motivation can be measured and mapped. As soon as two or more individuals are brought together to form a leadership team, a new personality emerges that is different than any single individual. This composite personality determines the team’s performance, and it’s only visible on a ComposiTeam™ Map.
In less than 15 minutes, anyone can complete the on-line Leadership Style and Motivation Inventories. Almost instantly, Individual Leadership Maps appear on the screen and are stored for unlimited use in team member selection. As more people in the organization are mapped, the pool of leadership team members grows.
In the same amount of time as it takes to complete an individual leadership inventory, an inventory can be completed that identifies the ideal behavioral characteristics required to successfully complete an organizational initiative. The Initiative Inventory can be completed as a group effort of the Initiative Owners, or filled out by Initiative Owners individually and submitted online. In either case, the result is an Initiative Map.
The ComposiTeam™ online leadership system will search the data base and recommend team members for leadership teams based on the best alignment of the team’s composite leadership style and the Initiative Map. It’s that easy. Of course you can override the computer selection and experiment with your own choices, creating a new ComposiTeam™ map each time.
ComposiTeam™ is provided through our network of qualified organization development and human resource consultants.

If you would like to see ComposiTeam™ in action a Free Demo is available.

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